Warranty Program

In order to have the sites you install warrantied by sofSURFACES, you will need to submit the following completed documents upon the completion of every project.

The following documentation will be used to determine your Certified Installer status. Once certified, it is your responsibility to ensure all information presented below is returned to sofSURFACES after the successful completion of each project. Compliance with sofSURFACES’ Certified Installer Program will be calculated by this information and then used as a criterion of the Renewal Process.

Warranty Information Form

Certain information is needed by sofSURFACES in order to process and activate the site’s warranty coverage.

Site information (project name, addresses, site contact information, etc.) and Certified Installer information (such as your certified installer number) will need to be provided after each installation in order to generate the Warranty Certificates that will be supplied (please see example to the right).

Certificates of Completion

Certificates of Completion are to be filled out with the customer during an on-site walk-through. It indicates that they believe the work to be satisfactory and signifies their acceptance of the end product you have provided them. This needs to be completed on site after every installation and submitted to sofSURFACES before warranty certificates will be supplied


 The following photographs must be taken at specific milestones as the installation Proceeds:

Photos of the site upon arrival, prior to the installation (Fig.1)
Photos of  1.00” layer of fines (Limestone Screenings) installed and compacted (Fig.2)
Photos of Rubber Membrane after installation (Fig. 3)
Photos of Keystone Tiles after installation (Fig. 4)
Photos of Strategic Rows after installation (Fig. 5)
Photos of empty pails of Bostik, used as well as full pails leftover (if any) (Fig. 6)
Photos of the site demonstrating compression throughout (measuring tape to tile) (Fig. 7)
Photos of Seam Gluing, showing the glue pushing out of the seams (Fig. 8)
Photos of Chalk Marks on each row indicating seam gluing (Fig. 9)
Photos of dried Seam Glue trimmed after installation (Fig. 10)
Photos of Empty Tubes of Sika used, after installation as well as full tubes leftover (if any) (Fig. 11)
Photos of Post Cuts (Fig. 12)
Photos of the Perimeter Tiles, verifying they are flush with the containing edge (Fig. 13)
Photos of overall site to show the finished installation (Fig. 14)