protects your roofing investment

duraSTRONG Rubber Walkway Pads are a safe, simple and economical utility surfacing option for commercial flat top roofing membrane protection. Engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, tool drops and punctures from service workers, duraSTRONG will help to protect and extend the life of any roofing membrane.

slip resistant

Slip resistant, affordable and able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, duraSTRONG Rubber Walkway Pads are ideal for industrial rooftop applications. Where safe access is required in order to service rooftop appliances, trust duraSTRONG to protect your roofing membrane while ensuring workers are safe every step of the way.

unmatched durability

UV deterioration, freeze-thaw, hail, punctures, foot traffic, tool drops and flying projectiles are all common contributors to premature failure of costly roofing membranes. duraSTRONG Rubber Walkway pads protect roofing membranes in high traffic areas by providing a 2.0” thick recycled rubber shield that is trafficable, serviceable and attractive.

easy to install

With each duraSTRONG Walkway Pad weighing considerably less than cumbersome concrete pavers, they’re extremely easy to transport and install. Designed for all high-traffic areas including access doors, roof hatches, HVAC units and anywhere safe access is needed to regularly service rooftop equipment.

maintenance free

Unlike concrete pavers, duraSTRONG provides a resilient shock-absorbing trafficable surface with unmatched durability that’s easy to install and requires little to no maintenance. The patented locking system built into the tile distributes wind lift evenly across the entire path creating a monolithic surface for moderate wind conditions.

Physical Dimensions

24" x 24"
Available Thicknesses
2.0" Standard
Weight (lbs.) Ea.
Pcs./Pallet (Plt.)
Plt. Weight (Incl. Plt.)
Plt. Height (Incl. Plt.)
duraSOUND is manufactured to a dimension of 24.0625" x 24.0625" (+/- .125") and compressed during installation to a dimension of 24" x 24"

Colors and Finishes

In addition to providing a safe, durable and economical option for protecting commercial flattop roofing membranes from damage, duraSTRONG Rubber Walkway Pads are now available inwhite! The white Walkway Pad delivers a much higher solar reflectance index(SRI) than that of the black tile. SRI is simply a measure of a material’s ability (or inability) to reflect the sun’s harmful and damaging rays. The higher the SRI number (from 0-100), the more likely the material is to reflect a considerable amount of the sun’s harmful rays. The benefit? Extend the life of your roofing membrane while keeping your building considerably cooler!