How to Maintain Certification

Certified Installer status will be awarded for each Certified Installer that stays compliant with the terms outlined. As long as you remain in good standing with sofSURFACES, your status will remain valid.      

Each Installer must submit Photos, Certificates of Completion, and Warranty Information after each project they complete

Each Installer must achieve minimum compliance score each year (65%)

Each Installer must uphold sofSURFACES’ commitment to excellent customer service and maintain service levels that align with the philosophies of sofSURFACES.

If, as a Certified Installer you fail to adhere to the above and fail to show compliance with the terms of the program, sofSURFACES maintains the right to revoke your certification status at any time.

If for any reason you wish to retire your Certified Installer Status please notify sofSURFACES by emailing the address below: