sofSURFACES originated in Petrolia, ON in 1989 from it’s modest beginnings as a small but committed regional supplier of poured-in-place (PIP) resilient safety surfacing for use beneath children’s playground structures. During our initial years, our efforts were focused largely on perfecting the art of installing poured-in-place materials. During these early years, we quickly arrived at a conclusion that would have a profound impact on the direction of the company.

After several years of grappling with the limits of our PIP system, realizing that we were unable to incorporate engineering and design into the product, the high dependency of skill that is required by each installer and understanding that the final success or failure of this product was largely determined by environmental conditions, we learned that it was time to shift our focus. Further, we recognized that if we could not control the longevity or consistency of the product, we would never be able to control the quality or safety performance either. We concluded that our desire to lead the playground industry with an innovative, high-quality product simply would not be possible with a poured-in-place product. We began to develop what would become known today as the industry’s premier safety surfacing system. Largely inspired by advancements in HMI (Human Machine Interface), sofSURFACES began to pioneer a fully automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing system that has grown into the largest and most advanced tile-manufacturing system in the world. Our dedication to the duraSAFE® Rubber Playground Tile has proven to yield many industry firsts for us:

• We were the first company to introduce the concept of a locking resilient rubber tile

• We arrived at a solution that would prove to eliminate a common issue of tile seam-separation

• We were the first to develop a tile that was truly vandal resistant due to the density achieved in our manufacturing process

• We were the first manufacturer to offer a best-in-industry Limited Lifetime Warranty – A warranty that includes fall-height performance (or ASTM F1292-18 Compliance) for the life of the product!

• Unmatched Speed-To-Market: We can produce and ship custom orders in as little as two weeks.

Today, we are a privately owned company that specializes in the manufacturing and distribution of highly specialized resilient tile surfacing products for recreational and architectural applications. We manufacture and distribute over 3 million square feet of recycled rubber tiles annually and distribute it internationally.

We are insured and bondable both domestically and internationally. Our success in the design, manufacturing, distribution, and installation of resilient surfacing is the result of heavy investment, innovation and production technology, combined with a dedicated commitment to providing each customer with a superior finished product, on time, and at a competitive price.