Audit Process

Audits will be regularly conducted by sofSURFACES at its sole discretion to ensure each of our Certified Installers are continuing to install our product in compliance with the specifications and standards outlined in our Installation Manual and demonstrated during training.

sofSURFACES will bear the costs associated with the audit process, however the Certified Installer that performed the installation will be responsible for any remedial work deemed necessary to bring a site incorrectly installed into compliance with sofSURFACES’ specifications and quality standards.
Keeping your certification status in good standing will be dependent on consistently maintaining a satisfactory outcome of the audit process.

Warnings will be issued and coaching provided to Certified Installers who do not satisfactorily pass the audit process on a site-by-site basis. sofSURFACES reserves the right to revoke Certified Installer status from those Certified Installers who consistently fail the audit process, and may refuse to re-issue this status at its sole discretion.