Certification Training

Training to become a Certified Installer shall strictly mean/include/involve the following:

Only one sofSURFACES foreman will be supplied to guide the crew that the subcontractor to be trained must provide, unless alternative arrangements are made.

The Subcontractor is solely responsible for providing an appropriate, able bodied, and willing labour force to complete the work.

The Subcontractor is solely responsible for paying the crew they provide. This includes any overtime, lodging, mobilization (etc.,) expenses that may be encountered.

The training will be for a maximum of the days indicated. If that work is not completed in that time frame, any additional days (including Labour, Meals, Mobilization, Mark-up, etc.) will be an extra charge.

The number of days allotted shall be consecutive meaning that if the start date is a Friday, the work will continue throughout the course of the weekend (i.e., Saturday & Sunday) as needed until completion. No exceptions will be permitted, unless the subcontractor to be trained agrees to pay all expenses associated with the Foreman sitting idle during the weekend/holiday, or the expenses associated with a second mobilization.

The number of days is non-negotiable and fixed. If the work is completed in less time a credit will only be issued at sofSURFACES’ sole discretion.

The Subcontractor is fully responsible for all planning involved in ensuring the equipment/tools required to complete the work are provided and on-site in time for the work to begin on that start date–without delay. Additional time to make up for any delays caused by their failure to do so is not guaranteed and will only be provided if sofSURFACES is able to do so and at its sole discretion.

It shall be the Subcontractor's sole responsibility to provide the equipment/tools required to facilitate the offloading of the delivery. All planning involved in ensuring this equipment/tools is on-site in time to receive and offload the delivery without causing delay is exclusively the responsibility of the subcontractor.



Upon receiving Certified Installer status, any work completed, independent of sofSURFACES requires a certified trained supervisor to be present on all projects for the entire installation process in order to obtain warranty documents from sofSURFACES.


sofSURFACES reserves the right to revoke Certified Installer status if you fail to comply with sofSURFACES’ Certified Installer Guidelines.


Certification status applies only to the product line training was completed on (ie. If only trained to install duraSAFE, you are only certified to install duraSAFE, not duraTRAIN etc.).


sofSURFACES reserves the right to revoke Certified Installer status at its sole discretion whenever a Certified Installer fails to:

• To comply with the warranty requirements outlined on pgs. 2-3, including but not limited to:
• Failing to provide proper photos of each installation
• Failure to submit Project Completion Forms signed by the customer
• Failure to send the warranty information needed to completion the warranty documents, etc.
• Failure to successfully pass the Auditing Process
• When it is found that work is not in compliance with sofSURFACES’ standards
• If indicated remedial work has not been performed
• Failure to uphold sofSURFACES’ commitment to excellent customer service. For instance if sofSURFACES receives feedback that you continuously have a bad attitude with customers and you fail to maintain service levels that align with the philosophies of sofSURFACES.
• Failure to maintain a minimum compliance rating of 70% in previous period.

Once sofSURFACES has revoked your certification status you will be removed from sofSURFACES’ Certified Installer Database and will not be permitted to install sofSURFACES’ product until such time that your status has been reinstated and brought into good standing.