Certification Process


The first step in becoming a Certified Installer is to bid on a project specifying sofSURFACES’ product. You will need to contact sofSURFACES in order to receive a letter of intent that indicates your company will install under sofSURFACES’ supervised guidance. Once the bid has been won, and you have worked with our sales department to provide site information and a signed quote has been received, planning and scheduling of the project will be coordinated with our Installation Project Manager.

Each company will require initial training with sofSURFACES. One of our appointed Certified Installers will be dispatched to help and teach you how to properly install our product from start to finish (time frame will be dependent on the scope of the project). sofSURFACES’ will need to be provided with the names, phone numbers and email addresses of everyone in your crew that is eligible to become certified.

You will be provided with our Installation Manual and Tool List prior to the arrival of our appointed Certified Installer, and it is expected that you review all information set forth in these documents prior
to the time of the installation training.

Once everything has been arranged with the Installation Project Manager, it will be expected that everything onsite will be ready upon time of arrival of the appointed Certified Installer, including all material, equipment, tools and gravel(s) if needed.

It is your responsibility to receive and unload all materials, and have them onsite for the allotted start date of the project.  


Our appointed Certified Installer will be there to assist and teach only. It is expected that you and your crew will be fully involved in each step of the installation, from start to finish.

Attendance of each crew member, on each day will be mandatory for the duration of the project.

Training will Include:

• General information about sofSURFACES and our product
• General Information on safety surfacing materials and systems, including current safety standards
• sofSURFACES’ installation procedures and site preparation requirements
• Safety and Equipment requirements

On-Site Assessment:

Satisfactory completion of the sofSURFACES’ Certified Installer Program will be based on the follow criteria:

• Attendance each day of Certification Training
• Compliance with sofSURFACES’ installation procedures
• Following the instructions of the appointed Certified Installer
• Having all necessary equipment on site
• Having an able-bodied crew, that actively participates in training

Upon successful completion of the onsite training, the qualifying crew members will achieve certified status and be issued a certificate, containing their date of certification with sofSURFACES and their appointed Certified Installer Number for their records.

If you do not successfully complete our onsite training, you will be required to complete the training again if you wish to be qualified as a Certified Installer.

If one of your crew members fails the Installation Training they will not be permitted to install any of sofSURFACES’ products until they have completed and have passed the Certified Installer Training.


Certified installers will be added to our online Certified Installer Database. This database is utilized by Dealers in search of qualified companies to install our product for their customers.

Once certified you will be able to bid on your own jobs specifying sofSURFACES’ duraSAFE product and complete your own installations independent of sofSURFACES’ direct guidance.

Each Certified Installer will be required to maintain certification status by staying compliant with the requirements of this program. These requirements include, but are not limited to:

• Keeping up to date on Installation methodology
• Submitting the following for each project in order to have your site warrantied by sofSURFACES
• Warranty Information Sheets ( see pg. 4 for more information)
• Completion photos (see pg. 5-6 for more information)
• Certificates of Completion (see pg. 4 for more information)
• Consistently satisfactory audit outcomes

We will require an installation report with all details about the project, following each installation. These documents will be retained on file future reference, and used as part of sofSURFACES’ audit process.