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No matter which channel our products take to get to our customers, we make sure they get installed correctly and live up to expectations.

At sofSURFACES, we insist that our installers are certified because we realize that the accuracy, consistency, and reliability of playground surfacing is only as good as the people who install it. For this reason, sofSURFACES has developed a certification program to recognize and promote surfacing installation excellence.

A certified sofSURFACES installer must demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the unique properties associated with our products including expansion and contraction, compression techniques, adhesion, sub-surface preparation, and site drainage. Installers must demonstrate understanding of the prevailing safety standards including use zones, and critical fall height ratings. 

Installation certification involves extensive training followed by both a written and hands on exam. Ongoing certification is maintained through annual audits of completed work.

All of our certified installers are placed in a national database broken down by geographic region to service our customers at the local level. Alternatively, we provide advisory technicians who can supervise your own team of installers.

sofSURFACES provides support for your project from pre- sales consultation to final validation and the goal of our certification program is to provide total assurance that our installers possess the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities to competently perform your installation.

For a listing of certified installers in your area or to learn more about how to become a certified installer contact sofSURFACES.

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